Civilization has been held back for too long. The golden age of humanity did not end, but was taken from us by the selfish Olympians.

Our mission is simple: free the Titans.

We will throw open the Gates of Tartaros and free our true gods. We will bring back the golden age.

  • to be filled with the true history of the great betrayal*

Titans[edit | edit source]

  • Kronos -
  • Hyperion - God of Watchfulness, Wisdom and the Light. He is the father of the Sun, the Moon, and the Dawn.
  • Oceanus -
  • Atlas -

Protogenoi[edit | edit source]

  • χάος (Chaos) - The primordial void. From here all things emerged and to here all things will go.
  • Uranus - The dome of the sky (atmosphere) and lord of the heavens. He was father of the mighty Titans.
  • Erebos -
  • Nyx -

  1. Zenobius of Pylos (!!ztja4urHpeD)
  2. you

  • Martial prowess and maintaining /fit/ness are paramount. Military service is a sacred duty.
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