GOODS[edit | edit source]

GOODS are an item produced by certain STRUCTURES that can be used to build more advanced STRUCTURES, traded with other nations, or used to grant you special abilities or bonuses in wartime.

BASIC GOODS[edit | edit source]

  • FOOD:

Food is possibly the most basic of all goods, and is required to survive. Food is used to construct PORTS, CITIES, GARRISONS and SHRINES.

  • WOOD:

Wood is a building material required in most structures. Wood is used to construct PORTS, FORTIFICATIONS, CITIES and SHRINES.

  • METAL:

Metal is an advanced material used in the construction of weapons and defences. Metal is used to construct GARRISONS, FORTIFICATIONS, CITIES and SHRINES.

INTERMEDIATE GOODS[edit | edit source]

  • BOATS:

Boats allow for transportation over water. They can be used to move GOODS over water, or to FISH on WATER TERRITORIES, allowing them to produce FOOD.


Professional soldiers trained and equipped for warfare. Though any rabble can fight, only Soldiers have the skills and gear needed to take on FORTIFIED TERRITORIES.

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