There are only two rules, and they are simple ones:


That said, we do have some unifying factors.

  • The Knights are sworn to protect /tg/ from leaking containment

boards and other negative outside influences. In particular, we want to safeguard the creativity and DIY spirit that we feel is central to /tg/'s identity.

  • CHIVALRY! We are an order of knights after all. Whatever code of honor and knightly behavior you follow!
  • We feel that lewdness, tastefully done and in moderation, is

an important part of /tg/, just as sexuality is an important aspect of the human experience and advocate for the sexual freedoms of individuals. At the same time, however, we are against derailing legitimate discussion with cheese- or beefcake spam, pointless arguments over waifus, or other gratuitous or unwanted lewdness

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Daemonette [Knights of the Magical Realm] !!I6vs3QOml/P - Leader of this Lewd Bunch
  • THE INTRUSIVE MAN[KoftMR]<AA><CC> !!SSvkCUUmI9b - Embassy Leader, Second in Command
  • Giant Hog [Knights of the Magical Realm] !!eieSwYsgEI7
  • Apple [Knights of The Magical Realm] !!/rLAShDLrN9
  • Mundo [Knights of the Magical Realm] !!NWmdlm9/c8P
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