National Bolshevik Fascist Union Edit

The National Bolshevik Fascist Union is a Union that aims to garner land under The Great Black Sun and let its citizens live under it in harmony with the Governers and the Great Leader.

"I don't understand, what is National Bolshevism, what is The Black Sun and who is the Great Leader"

National Bolshevism (Abbreviated to NazBol) is a political theory that incorporates Stalins USSR ecenomics and military policies along with fragments of Marxist-Leninism into Mussolinis Fascism and Hitlers National Socialism.

The Black Sun is the force that guides us, it can be seen in the sky of NazBol territory, binding us together in our pride and speaks to the Great Leader alone.

The Great Leader is whoever is chosen by The Black Sun to lead the nation.

Order of the Black Sun

To the Right you can see a depiction of the black sun surronded in red.

Commu-Fascist Germany

It can be used in many was for the worship of The Great Leader or of The Black Sun itself.

Beneath it you can see the nations flag, or at least a variant of it.

We are also commited to the building of Eurasia, a large nation that protects and cares for its many citizens, under the watchful gaze of the black sun

Reasons to join & recruitment copypasta Edit


Join NBFU Today - Serve The Order of the Black Sun - Garner land for The Black Sun - Become a God


As a citizen of Tee Gee it is your duty to protect the land.

You may be asking yourself, how do I protect the land?

By serving the one true force that can protect you, the illusive Black Sun.

You may be asking yourself what the black sun is?

Read more here:

The Great leader needs you, NazBol needs you, The Black Sun itself needs you.

Contact any current member of the NBFU to join.


Members & Ranks Edit

National bolshevik flag 2

Harbinger of The Black Sun - Current Great Leader

John Kowalsku - Union with NSAP

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