Motto Edit

Providing a safe, secure,anonymous way to get your goods from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time, no strings attached. On BOTH ends.

Org. Structure Edit

All members operate autonomously, with everyone being on equal footing. Seniority plays a part, yes, but not as much as skill and reputation. As such, we have no real 'Leaders' in the organisation, only members.

Recruitment? Edit

Are you an aspiring goods runner? Or have you performed your duties for the highest authorities? Do you just want to make a metric fuckton of money? If you answered yes (or you want to make it a 'yes') to one or more of the above, join the RA today!

Affiliation Edit

We strive to maintain a strict neutrality between all nations and nomads.

Members Edit

Lhyr Mckenzie - !!syCkOpBiAOC

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