STRUCTURES[edit | edit source]

A structure is something that may be built on a territory that is occupied by a nation. Structures can produce goods or provide other bonuses, and are the building blocks of a nation. Given that each player controls one territory, they will typically in peace-time only have a single structure. This means to upgrade and build more advanced structures, players within a nation must work together.

BASIC STRUCTURES[edit | edit source]


A small population centre, the Village is the most basic territory and is the default territory when a Governor claims land. Villages may produce ROADS, and/or may be upgraded into other regions.

  • FARMS:

Farms grow crops and/or animals in order to provide food for a nation. Farms produce FOOD, and are required for more advanced construction projects. Farms may be built on ANY territory apart from Mountains, Deserts or Swamps.

  • MINE:

Mines dig into the earth to provide raw materials for a nation. Mines provide METAL, and are required for more advanced construction projects. Mines may only be built on Mountains.


Lumber Camps chop down trees to produce building materials for a nation. Lumber Camps produce WOOD, and are required for more advanced construction projects. Lumber Camps may only be built in Forests.


  • PORT:

Ports provide shipbuilding facilities. Ports produce SHIPS, which are required to conquer and build on water territories. They may also build RIVERS. Requires WOOD and FOOD.


Fortifications are defensive structures that protect all adjacent nations from attack, making them immune to any attack that isn’t supported by SOLDIERS. Requires WOOD and METAL.


Garrisons are structures that train and arm troops. They produce SOLDIERS, who are required to attack any fortified territory. Requires FOOD and METAL.

ADVANCED STRUCTURES[edit | edit source]

  • CITY:

Cities are major population centres with the infrastructure, population and organisation required for a stable trade economy. Allow the creation of ROADS and TRADE ROUTES. Requires FOOD, WOOD and METAL.


Shrines are a great offering to the gods of /tg/, and can grant great favour. Shrines produce a single RE-ROLL a week. Can only be built adjacent to a CITY and requires FOOD, WOOD, METAL and SOLDIERS.

OTHER[edit | edit source]

  • ROADS:

Roads are structures that do not occupy a territory, but instead link territories together. Roads can be built by Villages and Cities, and can be built on any territory that is not a Large Mountain. In order to build a Road onto a Water Territory, you must also have a Port. Roads allow the movement of goods from basic structures to intermediate and advanced structures, and are therefore essential in their creation.


A river is a special kind of road that cannot be built on any Mountain or Desert, and requires a Port to be usable for moving goods. They can occur naturally in the world or they can be created by Ports.


A Trade Route is a special kind of Road that not only links different territories within a nation, but can link different nations to each other - allowing nations to trade goods to help each other build structures!

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