The Eighth Crusade[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

We are the brave, the men hearing the pledge for honor and justice, the men going beyond what is known to mankind in order to protect those we have sworn to protect. Where our people scream for help and suffer under savage rule, we come to bring true freedom by the sword and take what is rightfully ours. Where we stand we enforce the true law alone, leaving no room for the wrongful arm of inhumae justice slaughtering the innocent with no remorse.

We are the crusaders of the eighth crusade, those who follow the tradition of the valorous men who walked this way before we did and leading all these who will follow in our footsteps. Stand aside if you wish us to do the right, take up arms if you wish to do the right yourself and stand in our way if you wish to leave this realm of life for all eternity by our hands. No wrong may rise in front of us, no evil will be where we have been.

May the sword lead us forward.

Memberlist[edit | edit source]

Sibrand !!a++TZy2ZbvD

William I !!Te9lOQC8SdH

Aldrick the Red !!46qA2bSjI+h

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