Pre-council history[edit | edit source]

For over a hundred years, the realm of Tee Gee suffered under the tyrannical reign of a ruler known only as Nazimod. From his impregnable fortress, the Sticky Thread, he announced his edicts onto the ‘lesser peoples’. Through his secret police, the enigmatic Janitors, he enforced his will and made any who questioned or resisted him disappear. Through his own unimaginable power, he shaped and warped the very land into what he saw as his perfect world.

Even in the face of impossible odds, there were those who stood up to Nazimod. Resistance movements sprung up in every corner of the realm, and the civil war for Tee Gee’s freedom raged throughout the land for over a decade, each seeking to topple the evil regime of the land’s tyrant in their own way. Some turned to technology, others to magic. Such was their resolve that even when killed, some still found a way to get back into the fight.

Now, finally, the brave rebels have succeeded. The Imperium, The Galactic Empire, The Spooky Party, and The Coalition of Dorfen Fortresses were successful in their siege of Nazimod's fortress. The Janitors are scattered to the corners of the realm, and Nazimod himself languishes within the dungeons of his own castle. The battered leaders of the various resistance movements meet in the throne room in the aftermath of the climactic final battle to decide the fate of Tee Gee.

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