Nationalist Front Edit

Nationalist Front
The Nationalist and Brother's Front of Teegee, known as the Nationalist Front colloquially, is a paramilitary organisation dedicated to the promotion of fa/tg/uy interests. Forged out of a union of far-right and nationalist gangs and militias during the revolution, the members of the Nationalist Front dedicate themselves to the removal of colonial presence and influences from other boards, the growth of a functioning state by fa/tg/uys for fa/tg/uys, and the open discussion of a variety of topics and general discourse.

Beliefs Edit

/tg/ is a land for fa/tg/uys: Edit

The Nationalist Front dedicates itself to promoting the interests of /tg/'s rightful citizens. The Front supports the limitation of immigration and lurking moar, with those who wish to post having to adhere to the culture and board policies set out by /tg/. For you do not need the other boards, and /tg/ is the board that offers all, the greatest of all boards.

The SJW vs /pol/ battle is cancer: Edit

/pol/ and tumblr, and their respective boogeymen and beliefs are a cancer that is killing /tg/. The board exists for people to talk about topics that interest them, not have every thread derailed by some quasi-stormfront edgelord. /pol/lacks belong on /pol/, and SJW arguments have no place in /tg/ threads. Those who derail threads with such nonsense should be shipped back to their homeland of degenerates.

Free Speech: Edit

All topics related to /tg/ should be allowed to be talked about. It is irrelevant if they are not traditional games per se; relevant video games such as Dwarf Fortress and SS13, writefaggotry and drawfaggotry, quests and other shitposting activities, and even smut, should all be allowed to be talked about within /tg/. Further, derails are a part of board culture and should be allowed, so long as they still pertain to the interests of those involved in the thread as a whole and are fun.

Tripfags are a cancer: Edit

Trips where trips are necessary are acceptable, however tripfags such as NiceDaemonette and virtualoptim should be summarily banned and executed, this explains itself.

Stability, Power, Strength: Edit

The most important thing for a government to be successful is a powerful government. The government cannot allow itself to be bent by the will of the more weaker willed, it must remain strong in order to protect its citizens.

Pro-Military Edit

The Military is the most vital aspect of the government, with those who serve serving the entire community. The Nationalist Front proudly supports our boys in the forces, and militias.

Cultural Funding and Support Edit

/tg/ culture is a wonderful thing, and we should take pride in it. We should aim to support the growth of /tg/ culture, free from the influences of cancer and poor traits. It should be encouraged to flourish, grow, and develop.

Members Edit

Rodrik [Nomad/Nationalist Front] !!hqCPlyX+Q6G

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