Anon I's speech which founded the Union, Thread 42941302, 10-7-15

    Do you enjoy the occasional [REDACTED]? Do you hate when people try to judge your nothing to see here? Have you ever just felt like move along, sir? 

    If so, the Union of the Unsuspicious is the place for you! A place free of such rude and unfounded questions as "What's that green glow in your backyard?", "Why can I not accurately recall the shape of your pupils?", or "Where do you go every new moon between 9:00 PM and 3:00 AM?". And why should anyone ask you that? You're a perfectly normal, inconspicuous human, typing words with human hands and certainly not in league with secret covens, cabalistic corporate espionage groups, or intelligences currently resting in the Kupier Belt. No, those are silly possibilities not even worth consideration or investigation!

    So, what are you waiting for? Leave the rude and suspicious world behind, and come live with other likeminded, nondescript individuals! Join the Union of the Unsuspicious today!

Who We Are[edit | edit source]

     As stated in the founding adress, we are a community dedicated to looking the other way, not asking ridiculous and unfounded questions, and allowing our members to go about what can only be assumed to be their reasonable, normal, and nondescript daily affairs without the fear of harrasment by law enforcement, rude passersby, or neighbor kids too nosey for their own good. If we had an agenda, we would probably expect members to stick to it, but that's pointless to outline because we of course have no agenda. 

    To be a member, simply ask. If the current member you're speaking to feels you're what we're looking for, consider yourself in! You can only be kicked out for being too nosey or by making ridiculous claims about what is actually our normal everyday business.

Current Members[edit | edit source]

Anon I Dimirson, Lord of Spoilers !!1q32PESzDWY

Things We Are DEFINITELY Not Involved Or Affiliated With In Any Way Why Are You Following Me No You Do Not Have Permission To Enter My Home Show Me The Warrant (feel free to expand at your leisure)[edit | edit source]

  • Telepathic Datamining
  • Ritual Sacrifice
  • Extracausal Meditiation
  • Rune Crafting
  • Blight
  • Blood Covens
  • Underground Cocatrix Fights
  • Sasquatch Geopolitics
  • Uranium Mojo Burning
  • Outer Thing Worship
  • Shamanistic Wood Magiks
  • Nazi Chronovores
  • The Department of Indian Affairs
  • PsyOps
  • Telekinetic Research
  • Dream Sharing
  • Maintaining the underground UNITY government
  • Turning Imperial mayors into cakes
  • Other silly things that definitely don't exist and are just a conspiratard's wet dream 
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